Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang, Senior Minister

Entering the ministry after a career in architecture, Dr. Arthur’s ethnic background of African-Jamaican and Chinese well equips him for the position of Founder’s Church, a congregation of predominantly African-American and European-American members with a growing number of other ethnic groups such as Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans. “I’m interested in helping people apply spiritual principles to improve their lives,” says Dr. Arthur. He has been Senior Minister since 1993.
Message from Rev. Dr. Arthur W. Chang   Yes, it is possible for Spirituality to bring happiness and success into your life. Yes, the mystics, ancient and modern, do have great wisdom to impart to us and they come from all walks of life and from every religion. Yes, there is a positive alternative to fear-based religious instructions. Yes, there is a power for Good in the universe that you can use to change your life for the better. Yes, this universe in which we live is not fallen, neither are humans. Yes, we believe life is good and is a blessing. Yes, your life can be loving, fulfilling, creative and purposeful. Yes, that is what we teach in the Science of Mind and at Founder’s. Yes, we teach you how to bring out the best in yourself and share it. Yes, we teach the omnipresence of Spirit and the omnipotence of Law.   My teaching is based upon wisdom principles drawn from the great religions of the world, myth, science, philosophy, literature and just plain common sense.   Come and walk with us and be encouraged to live in the awareness of the five crucial areas of life: the mental, the spiritual, the physical, the social/emotional and the environmental.   Be a whole person for a wonderful change, and make positive difference in the world.    
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The Burning Bush - A Journal of Process Spirituality
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Rev. Larry Barber, Minister Emeritus

Rev. Larry, a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Journalism and the Ernest Holmes College School of Ministry, has been part of the Founder’s team since 1994. He served as Director of the World Ministry of Prayer for United Church of Religious Science and is a former associate editor of Science of Mind Magazine; he began his ministry as Senior Minister of the La Crescenta Church of Religious Science in 1979.

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