Divine justice operates in all my affairs. There is only one Cause, an operative Power in my life. God is this cause and the effect is good. In the stillness and stillness of the Presence of God, there is no disturbance or fear.



Today I am a powerful tower of strength and stability, through the understanding that God is my infallible resource. I increase daily my spiritual measure of success.



God’s forgiving love within me makes me discard all thought of ill will, injustice, malice. His love release all tension. My faith is restored and free to make its perfect work.



Today the Life of Spirit that flows freely is energizing every part of my being the perfect coordination and functioning from each part of my body it is held in a perfect rhythm and harmony. I am aware of this perfection.



I am not subject to any habit that is harmful to me Health & Wellness. There is nothing in me that yearns for anything that is not for my good I appreciate accepting control of the Presence Within my desires, emotions and actions.



This is the day I will look for and I will find a closer relationship with the Presence of God New and vital ideas will be provided that will enrich my thoughts provide unlimited opportunities.



Today I will maintain an affirmative attitude towards life. I am one with all life, beauty and love. I will let the love and understanding it flows through me. And I know that what I’m going to give will come back multiplied by one hundred.