I accept the life of God as the highest motivating factor of my being and I am one with that life. God breathes life energy into every part of my being. My body is an expression of Spirit, lovingly cared and for and constantly renewed by right thinking.



Confident of my oneness with God, I live this day to the fullest, knowing Divine Intelligence guides me. I bask in the reality of God’s bountiful universe. I accept financial prosperity easily and effortlessly.



I am united in consciousness with all creation. Using Divine Wisdom, I am guided to be of assistance to my community however I am needed. I give thanks for the infinite good that is fully available to all people and I continue to envision peace, creativity and compassion.



I receive everyone as a friend. Spirit goes out from me and unifies with everyone I meet. The union of the soul is beyond all distinction among people and creatures. I embrace the Infinite in everyone and in turn am embraced by it.


Thursday—Peace for All

I am one with deep, abiding peace. I know all is well. I now permit peace to flow unobstructed through the hearts and minds of all people on the planet. I accept peace for all.



Spirit in me now clears the way for complete forgiveness. I do not judge the past. I render all regrets powerless. I know myself, and all others as fresh and new. I move forward with my life offering forgiveness with ease and freedom.



I surrender to the Divine Within. I’m open to perfect guidance in all my interactions. My relationships are easy and peaceful. I’m grateful to see good in all opportunities. I surrender to God.