This day I am grateful for Inspiration, Love and Truth received in the church of my choice. I bless each Minister, in congregation and each endeavor.



I resolve to give time to thoughtful meditation and prayer each day, that I may grow in understanding and thus enrich my experience in living.



Today I identify myself with the abundance of God. Whatever I need, whenever I need it, will always be at hand.



I bless my body and give thanks for the life and Intelligence within it that is creating and recreating new cells, strength and vitality.



Today I shall seek that active state of mind and which my thoughts, feelings and actions shall maintain their relationship with God.



I recognize my Infinite capacity for self-expression. My mind is constantly including greater experiences. I do this by letting go of all unlimited concepts about myself and unifying myself with God’s thought about me.



I give thanks for friendliness within me which this day and every day draws to me greater love, companionship and happiness.