Today I recognize that the Kingdom of God, the Glory of God, is here and now. I am at all times in the Presence of Divine love and Perfect Power



I am never alone, for I have as companion and friend those people who are drawn to me by the ever active law of attraction.



Today my every fear is obliterated in the dynamic realization that where I am, God Is. God is here.



There is only one time to do a thing and that time is now. I shall not put off until tomorrow that which should and can be completed now.



Today I place all my problems on the altar of faith and I know my every true and good desire will be fulfilled through the Power of God.



Today I radiate the spirit of joy. I create my own happiness through an attitude of harmony within myself.



I greet this day inspired and refreshed by the Living Spirit within me. I will meet its every moment with confidence and strength.