What is Centers for Spiritual Living?

“Centers for Spiritual Living” is a spiritual organization of nearly 400 centers throughout the globe. Founder’s Church is one Center. We teach powerful spiritual principles to facilitate personal growth and success as well as for communal improvements. We respect all paths to God.


Who founded Centers for Spiritual Living?

Dr. Ernest Holmes founded the Church of Religious Science which has been renamed Centers for Spiritual Living. Born in 1887 on a small Maine farm, Dr. Holmes spent his teenage years asking himself “What is God? Who am I? Why am I here?” His search for answers led to his 1926 his writing, The Science of Mind, which is the foundational study of the Science of Mind.


What is Science of Mind®?

Science of Mind® (also referred to as Religious Science) is the core teaching of Centers for Spiritual Living. Science of Mind is a spiritual teaching integrating spiritual truths, science and philosophy. Science means how something works, Mind means God. The Science of Mind means how God works in the world. God works creatively through love and immutable principles and so must we.


Is Science of Mind a real science?

In Science of Mind, we believe that the fields of religion and science are complementary, and that science will prove what the mystics have said for thousands of years about the nature of God, human beings, and the Universe. These beliefs are being proven even now by many quantum physicists who have found that the universe is made up of energy that cannot be destroyed and is infinitely intelligent. Science of Mind is also scientific in that is uses laws of nature to prove spiritual principles. Any person can experiment with the principles and measure the results.


Is being treated by doctors supported by Science of Mind?

Yes. In Science of Mind, God has an infinite number of ways to heal which includes prayer and the medical science.


Is Centers for Spiritual Living a “New Age” organization?

Science of Mind is a New Thought philosophy that incorporates spiritual tools of affirmative prayer, healing and creative visualization to transform lives and make the world more peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous. Centers for Spiritual Living does not consider its teachings to be New Age, but rather incorporates the ancient wisdom of all the spiritual traditions through the ages. People of all spiritual paths — Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, New Age and others – all are welcome at Founder’s.


Are Centers for Spiritual Living communities a place for healing?

Yes. Centers for Spiritual Living spiritual communities are places where amazing healings and life transformations take place.


What is the role of prayer within Centers for Spiritual Living?

Prayer is central to Centers for Spiritual Living. We teach an affirmative or scientific form of prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment. This method was developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes. Spiritual Mind Treatment involves a five-step process that harnesses the creative consciousness of mind. This prayer may be used for health, wealth, love, and wholeness to become a reality in our lives.


Is Centers for Spiritual Living a cult?

No. Centers for Spiritual Living emphasize individual freedom and spiritual maturity. This is the antithesis of a cult. To become part of our community is to assume personal responsibility for one’s life and to develop an active relationship with God. The main religious influence of Centers for Spiritual Living is Judaic/Christian. However, we study and respect all religious paths.


To learn more, we invite you to come to a service at Founder’s or another Center for Spiritual Living.


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