Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang, Senior Minister

Dr. Arthur holds the rare distinction of holding two honorary doctorates from Center for Spiritual Living, Doctor of Divinity, and Doctor of Religious Science. He also was awarded the INTA, the International New Thought Alliance’s Torch Bearer’s Award for his outstanding contribution to New Thought.


Dr. Arthur entered the ministry after working as a licensed architect in California. He became only the second senior minister of Founder’s Church of Religious Science (Now Centers of Spiritual Living) in 1993.


Dr. Arthur was born in Jamaica, his father an immigrant Chinese and his mother, a Black Jamaican. He and his wife, Cecile, migrated to the United States in 1969 and have two grown children, Carolyn and Gregory. His rich cultural heritage has made him ideally suited to minister to the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of Founder’s members. He is a teacher of the Science of Mind who has incorporated its natural evolution towards Process Theology and Positive Psychology, which he has called, Process Science of Mind. Dr. Arthur is the author of the book, “The New Positive Spirituality, Finding Purpose and Happiness in Everyday Life.”


Through his leadership, Founder’s is now involved in Community Engagement as is taught at the University of Southern California, under the leadership of Dr. Cecil Murray. Dr. Arthur believes life is relational and through the application of spiritual principles everyone can thrive and flourish in this world. All people are welcomed to Founder’s who wish to live fully while helping each other as a spiritual family.
Message from Rev. Dr. Arthur W. Chang   It is possible for Spirituality to bring happiness and success into your life. We are learners and creators who draw from all religions but especially from the Judaic/Christian tradition. We also draw from science, philosophy and the wisdom of the world. To this end, we teach the Science of Mind where “science” means the way something works and “Mind” means God. Therefore, we must work the way God works by learning the principles of life and applying them daily.


We do not believe the universe or humans are fallen; we do believe that life is a blessing. The ancient saying is, “As thou seest, that thou beest.” This allows us to take advantage of the full potential for good that is within us and to use it through love and faith.


We are here to make a special contribution to the good of our relational world and we achieve this as we become more aware of our Divine Destiny or Purpose.


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Rev. Larry Barber, Minister Emeritus

Rev. Larry, a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Journalism and the Ernest Holmes College School of Ministry, has been part of the Founder’s team since 1994. He served as Director of the World Ministry of Prayer for United Church of Religious Science and is a former associate editor of Science of Mind Magazine; he began his ministry as Senior Minister of the La Crescenta Church of Religious Science in 1979.