Our beautiful Holmes Wedding Chapel is an inviting, comfortable space seating 400 with a traditional center aisle just right for the bride to be escorted to meet the groom. The wedding coordinator of Founder¹s makes every effort to provide a tasteful, meaningful service. The officiating minister assists each couple in fashioning a wedding service that has personal significance and creates lasting memories.


An all-purpose room complete with kitchen is directly adjacent to Holmes Chapel and is suitable for receptions of around 100-120 people.


For more information or to contact the wedding coordinator, call 213 388-9733.




The ministerial staff of the church is available to members and friends of Founder¹s who desire to have a child christened as recognition of Spirit¹s indwelling presence and testament to a family¹s commitment to providing the child spiritual guidance and encouragement. For information, contact Ann Doherty at 213 388-9733.




On the occasion of the passing of a loved one, Dr. Arthur Chang, Rev. Larry Barber and Rev. George Hines can be requested as possible officiants for Memorials and Funerals, contingent on availability. Initial contact should be made by calling Ann Doherty at 213 388-9733.