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What Our Classes Cover:

  • Your deeper connection to your Infinite Spiritual Source.
  • Creating your desires through the use of Spiritual Laws.
  • Praying more effectively.
  • Positive spiritual practices: meditation, contemplation, mindfulness and affirmations for a more peaceful and centered life.
  • Spiritual Principle: the secrets of the Masters of the Ages.
  • Bonding with new and exciting like-minded students through sharing ideas, experiences and joy.

Is There a Charge for Classes?


Yes, there is a tuition fee for each class. Classes require the commitment of both time and money. Almost nothing in life can be achieved without commitment, and that is also true of Science of Mind classes.


Why Would You Want to Take Science of Mind Classes?

  • To create the experiences you truly want in your life.
  • To initiate positive changes in your financial life, your body, and your relationships.
  • To formulate a spiritually-centered world view and a coherent understanding of the universe in which you live.

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For information, call the church at (213) 388-9733 or email us at

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