Non-Accredited Classes



These courses are four-to-six week courses which focus on individual life issues, such as self esteem and relationships.  These courses have no prerequisites and may be offered to new people in your spiritual community or to the community in general, as well as to your present congregation.  These courses are opportunities for discussion and deepening on the basic life challenges.


Sacred Circle curricula for small groups
These are 6 to 8 week series for use in study groups or small groups within the larger community. Each contains a guided meditation, discussion questions and an experiential exercise.  They are basic enough for the newcomer and can be deepened in the hands of the right facilitator.  They offer a context for a group to gather and share their lives and thoughts with each other. There is no homework or other assignments.  The workbook is for the facilitator only to lead the group.  Group members receive no workbook, except for the occasional handout.


Values of the Heart
This series gives the group the opportunity to identify their personal and group values and discuss ways of living daily according to their values. 9 weeks


Life Patterns
This is an expanded version of the Four Agreements, with additional agreements for greater personal empowerment.  It gives the group the opportunity to examine the patterns of their lives and claim new ways of living. 8 weeks


10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace
Based upon the book by the same name by Dr. Wayne Dyer, this series is a good discussion tool for looking at ways to live more successfully.   10 weeks


Divine Appreciation
This series is based upon the management tool of Appreciative Inquiry and gives the group members the opportunity to affirm and appreciate their lives.  This is a popular series because of its high energy and positive results.  And there is a little Emma Curtis Hopkins added because the Good we are seeking is God. 6 weeks


Seeds of Peace
This series is designed to be used during Season for Non-Violence.  It expands the group from inner peace to a greater awareness and participation in global peace.  10 weeks


Life Enhancement Curriculum
These classes are opportunities for discussion and deepening on the basic life challenges.  Both student and facilitator receive the same workbook and the group has a cooperative experience of exploring these ideas together.


Understanding and supporting each other in the dynamics of change and transition in life.


Remembering personal Divinity and exploring ideas and behaviors that stimulate greater personal love and personal power.


Healthy Relationships
Uncovering old ideas that harm relating to others and claiming new ways of living together successfully.


Your Creative Genius
A fun class that gives each the opportunity to visit with the creative mind within and find ways to live more creatively.


Effective Communications
An excellent opportunity to improve communications skills and learn to have a greater reverence and respect for each other.


Master Practitioner Classes
These 4 to 6 week classes are designed for the licensed Religious Science practitioner who wishes to join in community with other practitioners to continue their study.  These are shorter classes, designed for approximately 2 hours, although you can go longer if you have a talkative group.  There is reading and some light homework assignments. These classes assume that the practitioner already has mastery of the teachings of Ernest Holmes.  These subjects expand into other writings and ideas as an opportunity for enrichment for the practitioners.  They are part of a program currently given at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas which awards the designation of Master Practitioner after 10 such classes have been completed. This is not a program offered by UCSL. 


Mysteries of Faith
This class is an attempt to work within ideas that cannot be verbalized but rather are known within. It explores nonverbal knowing, the power of ritual, and spiritual knowing that extends beyond religion.  The text is The Soul’s Religion by Thomas Moore.  Each class contains a deep ritual process, led by a student team.


The Spiritual Path of Loneliness 
Loneliness is the great epidemic of our time that is rarely discussed. This class gives the practitioner the opportunity to consider the path of isolation and transform individual experience into a deeper grasp of Oneness.  Text is The Thunder of Silence by Joel Goldsmith. Students receive and complete a Soul Notebook that asks them to answer questions on a daily basis.  3 weeks


A Time to Live
This is a lively, workshop style class created for those in the second half of this lifetime but is really suitable for anyone who would like to make careful use of the time they are given. For the practitioner, it addresses questions of aging and empowerment, no matter what the age.  The central exercise of this class is to create a menu of your life and learn to make wise choices for your time.  Text is A Time to Live by Richard Raines.


Spiritual Economics 
This is an excellent prosperity class that includes fun exercises for greater Divine abundance.  The reading of Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth brings rich material for discussion to this course and gives the practitioner the opportunity to look at all of life and find the flow of good moving in every area. The final class includes the creation of a life plan for giving and receiving in all areas including money.




Joel Goldsmith – Consciousness Is What I Am 
Spend 4 weeks steeped in the mind of this amazing mystical teacher and discover a new depth of understanding that Consciousness is what you are.  This is powerful class with lively exercises that give the student the opportunity to walk the path of Omnipotence, Omnipresence or Omniscience, and to claim each path for themselves.   Text is the book by Joel Goldsmith with weekly journaling and group assignments.


Soulful Connecting
This class gives the opportunity for sacred deepening through every encounter that life provides.  The teachings of Ernest Holmes and the wisdom of Jesus add richness to the discussion.  Includes powerful exercises for learning to connect at the level of the soul


This Thing Called You 
This is a course in practical spirituality for dynamic living. The course purpose is to explore and experience our spirituality in ways we can apply it to our daily lives.  (New in Fall 2008 – check website for curriculum).


It is our intention to continue to add non-certificated courses indefinitely to provide a greater variety of this type of course.  If you have an idea for a course which might fit into this format, and which you would like to share with your colleagues, please contact UCSL.