It is traditional in Religious Science to refer to practitioners as “the healing arm of the church.” Their charge is to recognize the presence of Spirit in all people and all things through affirmative prayer.

  Practitioners are available by appointment on a fee basis to assist you if there is a challenge in your life. The practitioner list is available here.

  These practitioners also serve Founder’s by being available each Sunday following the service to do individual prayer (without charge); the three practitioners serving that Sunday hold the consciousness for the service.

  Some of the practitioners also serve in the Ministry of Prayer during the week from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, making themselves available by telephone and to handle written prayer requests. There is no charge for this but donations are welcomed and appreciated to help cover the costs of the telephone bill and for mailing letters.

  You can fill out a written request for prayer whenever you have a need and drop it in the prayer boxes which are located in the foyer each Sunday and Wednesday. These are prayed upon by Rev. Arthur and Rev. Larry in the prayers you hear at the services but also they are prayed upon by the practitioners for thirty days.