Practitioner Directory

It is traditional in Religious Science to refer to practitioners as “the healing arm of the church.” Their charge is to recognize the presence of Spirit in all people and all things through affirmative prayer. Practitioners are available by appointment on a fee basis to assist you if there is a challenge in your life.

Please view our practitioner directory below. To contact a practitioner, please call the church at 213-388-9733, ext. 118. You may also reach us via our Prayer Lines

Noble Alexander Torrance, CA
Sylvia Ashley Los Angeles, CA
Rod Carter Sante Fe, NM
Sandy Diamond Beverly Hills, CA
Ann Doherty Redondo Beach, CA
Cecilia Evans Los Angeles, CA
Debbie Gayle Los Angeles, CA
Patricia Gentry Los Angeles, CA
Viviana Harvey Los Angeles, CA
Emma Marie Lee Los Angeles, CA
Helen Pontarelli Pasadena, CA
Sandra Powell Inglewood, CA
Ann Reed Los Angeles, CA
Vincent Reed Valley Village, CA
Phillipa Rosman Twentynine Palms, CA
Bettyann Shannon Santa Monica, CA
Eugenio Torres Las Vegas, NV
Alvin Turner Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Turner West Hollywood, CA
Dan Wentzel West Hollywood, CA
Jim Wheeler Louisville, KY
Spanish-Speaking Practitioners
Nimsi Susana Figueroa Cuevas Los Angeles, CA
Ruth Andrea Figueroa Cuevas Los Angeles, CA
Mara Figueroa Cuevas Los Angeles, CA
Ivania Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA
Taly Nava Colorado Springs, CO
Mercedes Olivas Los Angeles, CA


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