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Wills and Bequests


Over the years, Founder’s has been blessed by many people who took the time to write a will or plan their estates naming Founder’s as a beneficiary.


Through their wills and estate plans, friends and members of Founder’s have given the church bequests of money, land and other property. Some of the gifts have been small, some large, and all were appreciated and helpful to the church.


The simplest way to help Founder’s through a will or estate plan is to name Founder’s as a beneficiary in a will. In your will, you can give Founder’s a specific gift of money or property, or you can give some percentage of your entire estate. If you have a living trust, you can give Founder’s some particular part of the trust, or, again, a percentage of it. It is also possible to have land or stocks or bank accounts in both your name and Founder’s name while you are living, so that at the time of your passing, title to the item automatically goes to Founder’s.


If you prefer, you can make a gift right now as part of your estate planning. But the watchword for estate planning is “Do it now.” You will probably want to consult an attorney to plan these gifts. If you need help, please call 213 388-9733.